As Obama Seeks To House Illegals And Muslims A Vietnam Vet Just Died From Maggots Crawling In Wounds

This just breaks my heart and makes me bloody furious. A 73 year-old Vietnam vet in Oklahoma went to the VA with an infection. He survived the Vietnam war, but he didn’t survive the VA. He was there for three weeks. In that time, his wound filled with maggots. This indicates that it was not cleaned and that led to the sepsis that eventually killed Owen Reese Peterson. His son lives in Atlanta and he called repeatedly to get them to up his father’s pain medication and change his bandages. He was ignored and it led directly to his father’s death.

Four employees have now resigned that were the individuals who were tasked with taking care of Mr. Peterson. A physician’s assistant and three nurses, including the director of nursing, resigned in the wake of the investigation that ensued after his death. The VA claims that it was not the maggots that contributed to his death, but the sepsis. They are playing word games. It is true the maggots did not cause this man’s death, but if the wound had been cleaned properly, there would not have been a maggot infestation and it would not have led to sepsis. See how they are twisting this? Shame on them.

From Angry Patriot:

Vietnam veteran Owen Reese Peterson, 73, went to an Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs facility with an infection. However, he ended up with sepsis and a maggot-infested wound and died under their care, as per WND. In a feeble excuse, the facility blamed his death on the sepsis and not their failure to give him adequate medical care. 

“He did not succumb as a result of the parasites. He succumbed as a result of the sepsis.”Executive Director Myles Deering said. Sepsis is a life-threatening disease that complicates an infection and can cause your internal organs to fail.

Three nurses and a physician’s assistant resigned during the investigation of this death.

Raymie Parker, the deceased veteran’s son, begged the facility to improve the quality of care that his father was receiving, but claimed he was “stonewalled” by the staff.

“During the 21 days I was there, I pleaded with the medical staff, the senior medical staff, to increase his meds so his bandages could be changed. I was met with a stonewall for much of that time,” Parker said.

I hope this man sues this VA facility for everything they are worth and more. This center is claiming that filed all the necessary reports and took action concerning the individuals who treated this man. They are lying and covering their ass. The state of Oklahoma should step in and close this facility down and fire everyone there.

The 100-year-old facility can house up to 175 patients. “The Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs is required to maintain certain staffing levels and currently is unable to meet them,” said Sen. Frank Simpson, R-Springer, chairman of the Oklahoma Senate Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs. “At Talihina, they had to reduce the population of veterans there due to the inability to staff the facility.”

One of Donald Trump’s biggest campaign promises was to cleanup the VA and get our veterans the care they deserve. No one should die like this… from lack of care and a deficit of compassion and professionalism. Hopefully, President-elect Trump will appoint a strong leader to head up the VA and gut it from the bottom up. We need a severe do-over with the VA. Our veterans should come first, not dead last.

Owen Peterson
Owen Peterson
Talihina Veterans Center
Talihina Veterans Center

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