Obama Voter Goes INSANE When Cashier Denies Change After Paying With Welfare Card (WATCH)

From US Herald

This video shows the entitlement mentality at its worst.

A woman flips out in an uncontrollable rage when she cannot get change from a purchase she made that is paid for with her welfare card.

That’s right. She wants to walk out with a some cold, hard cash in addition to some taxpayer-funded food.

The welfare leech launches a verbal assault on a poor cashier who stands and takes the abuse despite being the one putting in a hard days work. The cashier doesn’t back down despite the woman screaming “shut this b**ch down” and that she is “switching the game up.” Classy.

The woman clearly is able-bodied as shown by her enthusiastic freak out.

Maybe she should put that much energy into looking for employment and not only help herself out but do a solid for the rest of us who are paying her way.

Are you sick and tired for paying for people to coast on welfare and footing the bill?

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