Obama Promises He Won’t Go Away, Has Big Plans To SCREW America After Trump’s Inauguration

President Barack Obama and his family will remain in Washington after he finishes his presidency — at least until his youngest daughter finishes high school, he says. He’ll be the first former-President to keep a presence in Washington following his departure from the position since Woodrow Wilson.

Unlike George W. Bush who refused to comment on Barack Obama’s Presidency, Obama said that he’ll criticize a President Donald Trump “if necessary.” Given his disaster of a presidency, I imagine Obama will be criticizing Trump every step of the way as his legacy is undone.

And, as Mad World News reports, it’s not just Trump he’s planning on screwing…

Barack Obama is quite possibly the most narcissistic human being on the planet. He announced a bold and rather annoying plan that extends beyond January 20, 2017, which includes being a pain in the butt to every conservative in the United States. Obama promises that he’s not leaving after Donald Trump is inaugurated, and his big plans are making everyone roll their eyes.

Obama is determined to continue to shape politics for as long as he can after leaving office. To his own dismay, he will no longer be the president. He’s begrudgingly handing the reigns over to Trump, and he’s severely butt hurt about it. We all heard it in his arrogant voice, leaving us apprehensive that he won’t just go quietly. Now, he’s said that indeed, he will not.

Obama even promised he would defend the Democrat’s agenda of a government controlled society once he’s out of the White House, which looks great for politicians but horrible for everyday Americans.

I promise you that next year Michelle and I are going to be right there with you, and the clouds are going to start parting and the sun is going to come back out, and we’re going to be busy, involved in the amazing stuff that we’ve been doing all these years before,” Obama said.

Oh, goody. While we’re losing Obama as a President, we’re gaining him a useless community organizer.

If only we could say good riddance to the man for good!

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