Obamab just airlifted 50 TONS OF AMMO to radical jihadists in Syria

Rochester, New Hampshire: August 18, 2012
President Barack Obama gives someone a thumbs up during a reelection campaign event at Rochester Commons. It happened while he worked a rope line at the conclusion. ©Chris Fitzgerald / CandidatePhotos

From Right Scoop: Last week the Obama administration announced plans to abandon its ‘moderate rebel‘ training program in syria. But as of last night, we learned that Obama had 50 tons of ammunition (100,000 lbs) air-dropped to the radical jihadists in Syria:

I don’t know about you, but 100,000 pounds of ammunition sounds like a breathtaking amount to me. But then, I’ve never been in the military so perhaps this is standard for a week of fighting in syria or something.

Either way, Obama is still supporting the taking out of Assad in the name of taking out ISIS, by dropping all this ammo over there. So the US isn’t gonna train anymore, we’re just throw them tons of Ammo into the hands of radical jihadists and hope for the best.? Sure looks that way.

Sounds like a caliphate plan to me.

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