‘Obamacare fines are coming’; Indiana man posts IRS notice demanding high fee for ‘shared responsibility’


From BizPac: The penalties for refusing to knuckle under to the Obama administration by purchasing a health care plan under the Obamacare exchange have begun — and they’re not pretty.

An Indiana resident named Benjamin Miller announced on his Facebook page that the Internal Revenue Service, the enforcement body of Obamacare, just saddled him with a whopping $2,344 penalty, something the IRS euphemistically calls a “shared responsibility payment.”

Miller wrote:

Thanks Obama for the fine for not having insurance
Because the the plan I had that was 398.00 a month for my family only increased to 1400.00 a month in 2014

So I chose not to pay 1400.00 a month
So got a nice little fine

Thanks for the affordable care act.
Thanks for making it so affordable!!


Pollster Frank Luntz tweeted Miller’s letter from the IRS:

Let the outrage begin:




And will this be the end of it? Don’t count on it.

Then, there was this one.


And the answer to that one is, of course not. Illegals are special people, silly.

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