Obama’s America: Army Band Told Not To Play Jingle Bells At Concert; Don’t Want To Offend….

Every year, Todd Starnes hosts a two-hour Christmas “extravaganza” in Memphis: the annual Fox Radio Christmas Show. It typically features special celebrity guests, a full orchestra, and the Bellevue Baptist Church singing “O Christmas Tree”. Starnes describes it as “a mash up of Grand Ole Opry meets ‘Prairie Home Companion’ – just two-hours of family-friend fun”. Previous guests have included MercyMe, Kirk Whalum, and Chris Tomlin. Typically, the show includes a salute to the military. This year, Starnes wanted to invite the Army’s Six-String Soldiers to perform… only to be told no for the most insane of reasons.

Starnes said that the Army seemed excited about the opportunity at first. But then, he received a letter declining the opportunity. The letter read:

“After reviewing your request, we have opined that the show is a religious event, and therefore we cannot provide official support based on restrictions in AR-360-1. We value our relationship with you as well as FOX News and hope you understand our declination is guided by law and Army regulations.”

Of course, the reason the show is religious in nature is because it is celebrating Christmas, a religious holiday. And the fact that this somehow violates Army regulations was news to not only Starnes, but to Mike Huckabee as well. “There is nothing in the law that prohibits the military from taking part in the celebration of an international holiday that has been observed from the beginnings of this nation,” Huckabee said in response to the letter. “Does the Army have Christmas dinner for soldiers deployed? All the shipping or receiving of Christmas gifts? Allow Christmas trees in military facilities? If so, then the Army already acknowledges Christmas.”

But then, Obama has fundamentally transformed this country (as promised). Active-duty service members protect constitutional freedoms, but are then denied them in turn. “This is an example of how absurd political correctness has become,” Tim Wildmon, president of American Family Association, said. “Christmas is a federal holiday. It has a special place in the heart of the American people.”

Thankfully, Obama won’t be in office much longer. And with luck, the new Trump administration will not be as antagonistic towards Christianity as the Obama administration has been. In the meantime, Starnes still plans on honoring the military during his show.

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