OBAMA’S AMERICA: Black Panther Terrorists Are Openly Patrolling Neighborhoods

From Conservative Tribune

Ah, finally. A gun club President Barack Obama can support.

The New Black Panther Party has been suspiciously silent since their unfortunate part in the Ferguson debacle. Thankfully, for those of you following the zany antics of Eric Holder’s favorite group of  militants, they’ve popped up again.

This time, they’re fronting a paramilitary firearms organization in Texas.

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club (really? You couldn’t even use H. Rap Brown or Stokely Carmichael as a namesake?) has been conducting armed drills in Dallas for some time now.

The club was founded by Charles Goodson, described as a “31-year-old dreadlocked vegan,” and Darren X, who is the national field marshal for the New Black Panther Party.

“We accept all oppressed people of color with weapons,” Darren X told Vice. “The complete agenda involves going into our communities and educating our people on federal, state and local gun laws. We want to stop fratricide, genocide — all the ‘cides.”

I would like to here reiterate that this is neither a joke nor a “Chappelle’s Show” sketch.

Given its frontier reputation, Texas is surprisingly one of the few states that doesn’t allow concealed carry. However, it does allow the open carry of firearms, which the group uses to an alarming effect.



The group has been conducting armed patrols through Dallas, where they performed a call and response saying things like “This is perfectly legal!” and “Justice for Michael Brown! Justice for Eric Garner!”



Another popular chant for the group is “I used to salute the f****** flag! Now I use it for a rag!”




Of course, said flag represents the Constitution that allows them to demonstrate with weapons to intimidate people, but shh. Read More




On a warm fall day in South Dallas, ten revolutionaries dressed in kaffiyehs and ski masks jog the perimeter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Park bellowing “No more pigs in our community!” Military discipline is in full effect as the joggers respond to two former Army Rangers in desert-camo brimmed hats with cries of “Sir, yes, sir!” The Huey P. Newton Gun Club is holding its regular Saturday fitness-training and self-defense class. Men in Che fatigues run with weight bags and roll around on the grass, knife-fighting one another with dull machetes. “I used to salute the fucking flag!” the cadets chant. “Now I use it for a rag!”


“A knife changes the whole game,” one of the drill sergeants, who goes by the name Chief, explains, demonstrating how to perform a slash-and-stab maneuver on the torso of a wide-eyed girl in her 20s. A panhandler wanders up from the street. He is about to ask for spare change but then becomes interested. “What is this? Self-defense? That’s cool.” A pack of black bikers throw up their fists as they roar by.

Charles Goodson, the gun club’s 31-year-old dreadlocked vegan co-founder, grew up less than a mile away. Both he and Darren X, the national field marshal of the New Black Panther Party, have been organizing around police-violence issues in Dallas for the past decade. Goodson says they worked together last year, during an armed rally in the small East Texas town of Hemphill, where they protested the police’s failure to fully investigate the murder of a black man named Alfred Wright. “We accept all oppressed people of color with weapons,” Darren X, who is 48, tells me in a deep, authoritative baritone. “The complete agenda involves going into our communities and educating our people on federal, state, and local gun laws. We want to stop fratricide, genocide—all the ‘cides.” Read More

“For God and Country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo……..Geronimo E.K.I.A.” -U.S. Navy SEAL VI

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