OBAMAS AMERICA—Illegal Alien Sexually Assaulted 6-Year-Old Girl And Gave Her an STD!


A man who lives in Trenton is facing sexual assault charges for attacking s young 6 year old girl and giving her a sexually transmitted disease. His name is David Baten and he is 22 years old. In court he was officially charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Police officer Lt. Stephen Varn told the media that the investigation started after police were told by the Division of Child Protection and Perminancy this month that the young girl had gotten a sexually transmitted disease. It is unknown how long the abuse had occurred for.

It is also unknown the relationship between the young girl and the perpetrator. Allegedly, the man responsible for this heinous crime is an illegal alien who is undocumented and does not have residency status. Thus he does not belong here in the United States. Now, if Donald Trump were President this would not be happening. He would simply not allow it.

There would be a wall, a border, and there would be no free flow of immigrants and migrants. Our walls would be tight and we would have stricter limits for who we allow in which would decrease the amount of violent crime we have to deal with such as this. Our families, our homes and the people we love would all be safer. We would not have to read as much in the news or paper about tragedies such as these.

It is absolutely disgraceful and embarrassing that President Obama is completely alright with allowing things like this to continue without doing anything to quell or stop it. Which is why we will all be better off once he leaves office in the next several months. The key is making sure the right person is in office to replace him and that person is obviously not Hillary Clinton.


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