OBAMA’S AMERICA: Vandals Use Racial Slurs To Let White People Know They Aren’t Welcome

Apopka is Seminole Indian for “potato eating place” and it is also a small city near Orlando, FL. It is a mixed race city, but all is not as harmonious as a multi-cultural Applebee’s commercial would have us believe. In one neighborhood it seems some black residents don’t like sharing the block with whites and Hispanics. In a massive vandalism spree, non-blacks were told to get out with profanity and racial slurs.

WFTV reports that over the weekend, tolerance ambassadors went on a vandalism spree, targeting white and Hispanic residents. The news is too politically correct to report the exact wording, only saying that vandals spray painted cars and other property with “profanity and racial slurs.” The one thing the news will say is that some of the messages told residents to “get out” of the neighborhood.

White resident John Robinson said his car was tagged inside and out.

“It was heartbreaking to see that someone in the community does not respect me enough as a human being to just say, ‘Hey, this is just a guy living in my neighborhood.’ The whole car, inside and out. It’s just completely unexpected. It says ‘get out’ on the hood of my car. I’m not getting out. It’s my neighborhood. This is where I live,” said Robinson.

Robinson also noticed something else about this vandalism spree:

“[The vandals] just tagged the Spanish and the white. [They] didn’t bother any of the black people’s trucks, cars, their house, nothing. It was just the Spanish and the white. This is more like a hate crime. Someone wants you out of the neighborhood,” Robinson said.

Another resident confirmed that non-blacks were targeted:

“They are being targeted. Yes, they are. (I’ve) been up here 30 plus years. They are being targeted,” said Tommie Williams.

Williams said the latest vandalism is part of an on-going attack against whites and Hispanic in the neighborhood.

“My home has been broken into; my sister’s, my neighbors’, their car has been keyed, my car has been keyed. I mean, it’s every week, there’s something going on,” Williams said.

In addition to the hateful graffiti, the vandals also destroyed property and smashed windows in. And because it’s not enough just to be racist assholes, they also helped themselves to other people’s stuff, making this a burglary crime spree as well.

So we have specific racial groups targeted with racial slurs and threats, and yet:

Deputies said they are not calling the vandalism a hate crime.

Of course not. The victims have the wrong skin color for cops to treat this seriously. Why would they possibly think whites or Hispanics could be the victims of a hate crime? Sure, if the victims were black they’d call this a hate crime and there would even be a federal investigation to go with it. Also there would be national media attention that would only end when it turned out the black victims had perpetrated a hoax.

Via DT

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