Obama’s ASTONISHING Tie to the Massive Pakistani School Massacre

Hakimullah Mehsud, leader of Pakistan's Taliban

There are very few in the media reporting on this one minor detail, but be prepared to be rocked to the core, as this emerging element just further proves how in bed with radical Muslims the Obama Administration truly is.

According to Reuters, only eight days before the Taliban faction known as Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) brutally massacred over 130 school children in Peshawar Pakistan on Tuesday, Obama released the terror group’s second in command, Latif Mehsud.

After thousands of American lives had already been sacrificed to capture known terrorists in the Middle East, Mehsud had finally been apprehended by U.S. forces during an operation in October 2013. Up until Sunday, the convicted terrorist had been held in the Afghanistan prison. But according to officials, he was handed over along with two others to security officials in Islamabad.

“TTP senior commander Latif Mehsud who was arrested was handed over to Pakistani authorities along with his guards,” one Pakistani security official said. “They reached Islamabad.”

Obama’s ASTONISHING Tie to the Massive Pakistani School Massacre

Although the Obama administration could try to claim that the release was due to the fact that the United States will no longer be allowed to keep foreign prisoners in Afghanistan when the mission led by the U.S. ends later this month, there were still other viable options available rather than handing these terrorists over to Pakistan.

In an interesting statement, a U.S. embassy spokesperson commented on the release, referring to the convicted terrorists released by Obama as merely “third-country nationals.”

You know, just normal everyday guys.

“We’re actually just going through and returning all the third-country nationals detained in Afghanistan to resolve that issue,” the spokeswoman said.

It’s amazing how convicted terrorist are suddenly labeled as “third-country nationals” by this administration and handed over to a Middle Eastern country like it’s nothing. With no certainty given by Pakistani authorities that these idiots will not be released back into society to return to terrorism, the blood our Soldiers shed fighting this conflict seems to be completely in vain.

Obama’s ASTONISHING Tie to the Massive Pakistani School Massacre

But this isn’t the first time that Obama has released terrorists back into civilization, so I suppose at some point we will all stop being so shocked as this becomes the new norm.

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