NEW Evidence Of Obama’s ‘FAKE’ Birth Certificate Heading To Congress For Investigation

The birther movement is not dead. Despite Donald Trump himself saying he now believes President Obama was born in the United States. But new evidence shows that President Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate was forged and thus is a fake. This evidence is heading to Congress. The battle begins.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the only law enforcement officer who has continued the investigation. He had a news conference on Thursday where he said the certificate was forged after investigating the allegations of fraud.


After two decades in office in the Phoenix, Arizona area he is leaving office on January 1st. His replacement told CBS News that they will be eliminating and cutting off Arpaio’s investigation. Which is not shocking at all. Since the mainstream denounces questions of his citizenship.

Mike Zullo has been investigating since 2011 as a lead investigator and he wants to send all his information to Congress. Which could support the Presidential Transparency Act that would therefore give Secretaries of State the power to look into suspect qualifications of candidates. Zullo told WND,

This is what we have learned. Every secretary of state is powerless to investigate a candidate. They have to take everything on face value.”

He said it would be an easy fix for a controversy like this. While the sheriff’s replacement will kill the investigation he can’t get rid of the evidence they already have. Which means it could still go to Congress. Considering both the Senate and Congress as well as the White House are going to be majority Republican this evidence could gain steam towards a full blown congressional investigation.

While Trump gave in after liberal bullying and said he thinks Obama is a citizen he likely would not be opposed to an investigation on the Hill should evidence prove to be fruitful.

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