BOMBSHELL: Obama’s Birth Certificate Deemed ‘FRAUDULENT’ After 5 Year Investigation- SEE PRESS CONF VIDEO

Obama's Birth Certificate

The birther movement seemingly ended towards the end of the presidential election. Hillary Clinton denounced questions over Obama’s birth certificate as racist. Despite having started the rumor to begin with back in 2008. Now it seems that the controversy isn’t as finished as we had believed. New evidence appears to show that the President’s birth certificate was deemed fraudulent.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke at a 4 p.m. press conference to forty different journalists. He discussed the five year probe into President Obama’s birth certificate and said that the 1961 document from Hawaii was in fact a forgery after all.

He is one of the longest birthers who has maintained the President was not born in the United States. Even president-elect Donald Trump let go of the birther movement during his campaign.

Regardless of the criticism he gets for continuing to believe this Arpaio is standing tall in his opinion that the document was forged.

Via USA Today’s AZ Central:

At 4 p.m. sharp, Arpaio and a member of his Sheriff’s Office’s Cold Case Posse had a message for the 40-odd journalists in attendance: You were wrong.

Arpaio and his aides announced that a five-year probe had proved that Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii in 1961 was, in fact, a forgery.

The sheriff’s pursuit of the birth certificate issue has outlasted many of its other disciples. Even President-elect Donald Trump, who helped fuel the “birther” movement several years ago, officially abandoned his position before his Nov. 8 election.

Arpaio, though, stuck with the review – despite widespread ridicule of the idea, despite the point that Obama’s mother’s U.S. citizenship would have made him a citizen regardless of where he was born, and despite the November defeat that ended Arpaio’s long run in office.

The news conference opened with a spokesman criticizing members of the media for critical coverage of the investigation. He then turned the stage over to the outgoing sheriff, who said he hoped to enlighten the public with information on this “fake, fake birth certificate.”

Arpaio insisted that the investigation was not linked to his legal conflicts with the Obama administration; it was about the allegation of a forged document.

“Think of it. We were trying to clear the president,” he said, adding, “It didn’t work out that way.”

Arpaio said he planned on turning over the information to the federal government this month.

A spokesman castigated the media for their biased coverage of the investigation. Then, the spokesman turned the microphone to the outgoing Sheriff who insisted the certificate Obama provided was fake, fake, fake. He said,

“Think of it. We were trying to clear the president. It didn’t work out that way.”

Arpaio insisted that the information he attained during the investigation will be turned over to an agency of the federal government within the month before he leaves office. A large majority of the press conference was taken up by Mike Zullo who discussed what he called the nine points of forgery. Watch below,

If this is in fact true it appears that we have had a foreigner as our President for the last eight years. Which would explain a lot of his progressive and outlandish behavior and policies.

The worst part about it is that Democrats have been trying to make conservatives feel like bigoted crazies for even contemplating that this forged birth certificate might actually be true.

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