Obama’s Brother Explains Why He’s Voting For Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Obama’s half brother Malik Obama through his father has made headlines lately for endorsing Donald Trump and for being invited to the final presidential debate to sit in the Trump supporters section. On Wednesday he appeared on Hannity via Fox News and discussed the upcoming November election. Hannuity asked who he would be voting for and he responded,

Mr. Trump. He built a fantastic business empire, and I don’t’ see why he can’t do that for the country.”

Obama went on to tell Hannity he will be voting Republican because it was Abraham Lincoln’s party. The one that freed the slaves. Hannity added,

it’s also the party that Lyndon Johnson relied on to pass the Civil Rights Act [and] the Voting Rights Act because people like Al Gore’s father and Hillary Clinton[‘s] … mentor Robert Byrd, who’s a former Klansman… filibustered and went against the Civil Rights Act.”

Hannity asked the burning relationship that so many are curious about. That is what the status of his relationship with his brother is. His appearance on numerous media outlets endorsing the man that Obama has vociferously denounced would make it seem as though things are not good. He said,

Since he became president… he’s changed. Well we talk, but it’s hard, you know I can’t reach him.”

Malik maintained that is difficult to stay in touch with him and that he was barely even able to get into the White House. When Hannity asked him if he was disappointed in his brother he insisted that yes he was. Malik said,

I think he has been sucked into that matrix, and mesmerized by the power. He’s just too formal and stiff…even when we’re alone.”

Watch their conversation in full here,


Clearly their is a lack of closeness between the two. Because as Hannity mentioned if a sibling wants to come and visit and I’m the President of course they would be welcome whenever because that’s just family. But only if the family is on good times. So clearly the brothers are not on very good terms. Everything that Malik mentioned certainly indicates that the arrogant and cold demeanor people say he has is entirely accurate. Even with his own family.

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