Obama’s DOJ Caught Using Dept. Resources To Publicly Attack Melania

Boy did the Liberals lose their crap when they thought they caught Melania Trump cheating. In just minutes, Melania and her speech straight up BROKE THE INTERNET. (Which side note…did you hear that the ‘Trump’s’ have just surpassed the Kardashians as being the highest googled family on the planet earth today? Fun fact…)

Anyhow, these liberal hypocrites were saying all sorts of things, and creating endless amounts of MEMES to put out into the internet. They were just so excited that for once they had something on one of our girls.

I mean, maybe we can just toss them this one, as a pity gift. I mean look at their women…Hillary, Michelle, frigg’in Rosie O’Donnell. Let’s stop there…I may vomit.

But you see what I’m saying? They are so screwed in the classy, beautiful and SMART department when it comes to their ladies. Not to mention, a conservative woman understands the importance of integrity. Hillary alone has decimated that part of her enough for all liberals put together.

So you can see why based on how the internet reacted, if you didn’t know any better, you would be led to believe that Melania murdered someone and hid the body in the convention center under the stage or something.

Well, she didn’t. It was a simple mistake.

Independent Journal reported that the Department of Justice even got in on the action. Their official Twitter account posted an update that linked to a very nasty CNN article on the whole mess along with the words “CNN is the biggest troll of them all lmao.” In internet slang, “troll” is someone who is deliberately proactive.

The tweet was quickly deleted, but not before multiple people managed to grab a screenshot of it. The Justice Department was then flooded with multiple queries over why it was paying someone to send out tweets about Melania’s mix-up.

The Justice Department was slow to respond to the criticism, but eventually released a statement claiming that the tweet had been “erroneously” sent and that the staffer responsible had had his social media access revoked.

Of course even though the Justice Department released this explanation, people are still going to be highly suspicious of their actions.

Is anyone else sick of this frigg’in department being the center of so many controversies these past couple years?

Even better, does anyone else think if the Justice Dept would focus more on the criminals they need to bring to justice rather than the petty mistakes of good people, that Hillary just might have had her ass thrown in the SLAMMER where it belongs by now!?


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