Obama’s DOJ Suing Denver Police Dept. For Hiring American Citizen Over Non-Citizen!

There are plenty of problems facing the country right now, but what is it that the Obama administration is focusing on? Fining the Denver Sheriff’s Department. But it’s the reason why that will really make you angry. The Department of Justice is punishing them because they did not allow non-citizens to apply.

The Department of Justice claims that refusing to allow non-citizens to apply for jobs within the police department is a violation of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which requires employers to make jobs available to legal aliens on the same basis as they do American citizens, unless they have received a waiver from the federal government.

In 2015 and 2016, the Denver Sheriff’s Department hired around 200 new deputies and required applicants be American citizens.

The sheriff’s department isn’t just being fined. In addition to having to pay $10,000, they also are being made to revisit old applications, find the applicants who were rejected for being non-citizens, and consider them for future job openings. They also have to undergo training from the Department of Justice, and an attorney in the Civil Rights division will review their hiring decisions going forward.

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