Obama’s Feds Seize Equipment From Alabama Police… Sheriff Responds, “People Will Die”


via Conservative Tribune: In the wake of the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, last year, and Baltimore this spring, President Barack Obama signed an executive order rolling back a program that provided surplus military equipment to local police departments.

The controversial federal 1033 program distributed equipment like armored vehicles for use by SWAT teams facing well-armed criminals and for other purposes like crowd control or even search and rescue efforts in hard to reach locations before Obama ended it.

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Thus, Obama’s feds have now seized military surplus vehicles possessed by Alabama’s Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department, most specifically a tracked armored vehicle that Sheriff Larry Amerson said has been used numerous times to literally save lives, according to The Daily Caller.

Amerson noted that the tracked vehicle was used in 2011 to help capture a wanted shooter hiding deep in the woods and has also been used to search for lost individuals and provide transportation during ice storms.

Unfortunately, the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office isn’t the only law enforcement agency to have their armored vehicle and other special 1033 equipment seized by Obama’s feds, as they also seized equipment from Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


“Without this equipment, people will die in the future,” declared Florida’s Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in a Facebook post after some of their equipment was taken from them earlier this year.

“Our belief is that (the administration) thinks they look too militaristic because it has treads, not wheels,” said Michigan’s Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard, describing how Obama’s order has left some rural law enforcement agencies lacking necessary equipment like tracked vehicles that fit their unique needs.

As for Sheriff Amerson, he lamented the loss of his tracked vehicle as a “sad and frustrating day,” noting that “Tracked armored vehicles are defensive in nature. They have no offensive capabilities. This decision by our commander in chief, I don’t agree with it. This is the nation we live in. We are a nation of laws and we follow those laws.”

For what it is worth, Alabama’s Republican Rep. Mike Rogers has guaranteed Sheriff Amerson that the next defense funding bill will include language specifically allowing law enforcement agencies to own the types of equipment the Obama administration has been seizing from them.

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