Obama’s Friend Erdogan says “Islamophobia Should Be A Crime”

What is this guy even doing in the United States???!! Oh, he’s opening the largest Islamic cultural center in the West? All the while trying to tell Americans that “thoughts” should be outlawed?

You can’t ban what people think, Mr. president. Take your sharia loving a**, and your “cultural” center, and get the hell out of our country. We don’t need your Islamic piece of crap here. How’s that for Islamophobia?!

Erdogan celebrated grand opening of gigantic Turkish Islamic facility in Maryland, says speaking against Islam should be a crime.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in an interview with CNN correspondent Christine Amanpour on March 30th, said:, “I am one of the first political leaders officially declaring that anti-Semitism is a crime,” he said, adding “I expect an official declaration that Islamophobia is a crime against humanity as well. Islamophobia emerged from the Western countries and this is a challenge that we all together need to surmount.”

On April 2, while in the U.S., Erdogan joined thousands from across the country to celebrate the official opening of a $110 million center in Maryland, billed as the largest Islamic campus “in the Western Hemisphere,” which includes a 20,236-square-foot mosque, a cultural center, guest quarters and an underground sports complex.  Erdogan was the featured key-note speaker.  “I was dreaming of this day,” Erdogan said.  Speaking of the 20-year effort to complete the complex, he said, “This is not a picture. This is not a landscape. This is a reality.”

Almost all $110 million for the mosque was funded by the Religious Affairs and the Religious Foundation of Turkey.

Erdogan maintains he is fighting against Islamic terror… but history indicates he is a supporter of Sharia law.  Critics have increasingly accused Erdogan of harboring a secret agenda to turn Turkey into a fundamentally conservative Muslim society.   In October 2013 Turkey lifted rules banning women from wearing headscarves in the country’s state institutions – with the exception of the judiciary, military and police – ending a decades-old restriction.  Critics also have pointed to Mr. Erdogan’s failed bid to criminalize adultery, and his attempts to introduce “alcohol-free zones” as evidence of his alleged Islamist intentions.

Early in his career while mayor of Istanbul (1994-98), Erdoğan was explicit in support of an Islamist agenda.   As mayor of Istanbul, he described himself as “the imam of Istanbul” and declared, “Thank God almighty, I am a servant of Shari‘a.”

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