The Obamas Were Just Caught Doing The UNTHINKABLE On Hawaii Christmas Break!

The hefty $400,000 salary that the President receives is hardly the only perk of the Presidency. If you had unlimited free vacation time, you’d rack up a pretty hefty tab, and Obama is no different.

Judicial Watch did a little digging on the travel costs of Obama’s vacation on the West Coast back in October and found in the process that Obama had then racked up $72 MILLION in travel expenses in his 7 years as president, making him the “$10-million-dollar (per year) man.”

He’s out of the White House next month, and how is he spending that last month? By commuting the sentences of a record number of prisoners, and partying.

As Truth Monitor reported:

Millions of Americans are struggling just to put food on the table right now thanks to Barack Hussein Obama’s ridiculous policies. However, that didn’t stop him from spending millions of our tax dollars to take his family on yet another multi-million dollar vacation to Hawaii, where they will remain for 17 days.

At around 11:35am headed to Lanikai, where he played golf at Mid Pacific Country Club. He remained there until 3:45, at which time a group of about 25 onlookers gathered at the side of the road to watch him finish his 18th hole.

After his day of golf, Barack reunited with his wife Michelle and their daughters to head to one of the most expensive restaurants in all of Hawaii at 8pm. The Obamas spent the evening spending our hard-earned tax dollars at the Vintage Cave, a French-Japanese and sushi restaurant with an extensive art collection. They reportedly stayed there for hours, undoubtedly partying without a care in the world despite the fact that ISIS has launched multiple terror attacks already this week.

And his total vacation tab now? An insane $85 million dollars.

I guess when you’ve racked up the national debt to $20 trillion, what’s an extra $85 million?

Donald Trump won’t even be taking a salary as President, and given his business success, I’m pretty sure he can afford his own vacations.

There is a silver lining to all of this however. Every minute Obama spends on vacation is a minute he can’t spend screwing up America.

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