Obama’s Homeland Security Infuriates Americans Over Their Tweet About Refugees

President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security decided they needed to post a tweet on social media and now it has backfired in a very big way. America responded as soon as they tweeted it out. Read here,


Under a President Obama administration it’s not surprising a government agency would tweet something like this. But of course they think Americans will simply accept their overreach.

One person commented,

“Look what happened to Europe.”

Perfectly said my friend perfectly said.

The Obama administration and by extension the Department of Homeland Security thinks they legitimately can get away with being completely biased in front of the entire world by posting a comment like this. Which isn’t shocking considering Obama’s actions by ignoring the Louisiana floods. Or his actions concerning the Iranian ransom money deal. Or the Hillary Clinton email server controversy. They literally believe they can do whatever it is they want without repercussion. However, they are sorely mistaken.

Perhaps if they spent more time combatting radical Islamic terrorism and funding the War on Terror they would not have to worry about the refugee crisis as much. If they were able to eliminate the threats that radical Islamic militias pose them people would not be fleeing the countries they are. But then again that would mean that President Obama has to take ownership and responsibility and that isn’t very big on his to do list of things.

Let’s just hope that come November the American people make the wise decision and vote a democrat out of office and replace them with a true conservative. One that doesn’t think they can do whatever they want. One that puts eliminating radical Islamic terror ahead of worryimg about a crisis that would not exist if the former were followed threw with.

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