Obama’s ISIS Tape Just Leaked & It’s Worse Than You Can Imagine… (VIDEO)

Obama famously called ISIS al-Qaeda’s “JV team,” which was clearly a massive understatement in hindsight.

Perhaps Obama didn’t want them to truly be their JV team though, given the situation in Syria. Then, just two months after Obama’s “JV” comment, Josh Earnest held a press conference with major media outlets where he told journalists and reporters that, “Our ISIS strategy is dependent on something that doesn’t yet exist.”

A new leaked audio reveals that the rise of ISIS was part of Obama’s foreign policy strategy. The recording reveals:

  1. Obama wanted the removal of Bashir Assad in Syria
  2. In order to accomplish this goal, Obama was complacent to watch the rise of ISIS by hedging his bets on the fact that a radical jihadi force could overthrow Assad
  3. In order to make that happen, Obama and Kerry supplied weapons and ammunition to ISIS and even stopped a Syrian-led attack against ISIS that ended up killing 80 Syrian soldiers and saving thousands of radical extremists

Here it is below, courtesy of the Conservative Daily Post:

It’s very likely that your jaw is wide open at this point. The scope of what this means is severe. Our government gave rise to a radical Muslim militia that has not only killed American soldiers defending our freedoms in the Middle East, but has also attacked us on our own soil in multiple confirmed terror attacks.

But we can’t forget what took place in during September, October, and November of this year. Hillary promised a no-fly zone in Syria (alarm bells should be going off in your head by now). And when the corrupt establishment saw that Hillary wasn’t going to win, and they wouldn’t be able to institute pro-ISIS foreign policy actions, they hastily began to attack Russia.

But here’s the GOLDEN TICKET: Russia is helping Assad to rid the region of ISIS. Now does it make sense why Obama, Clinton, and the entire corrupt establishment has suddenly taken up arms against Russia? Obama is even willing to go to war with Russia to save ISIS from destruction, and to protect himself from criminal prosecution—really stop and think about that.

What do you all think? All I can say is thank God the swamp is being drained.

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