The Truth Comes Out As Obama’s Close Friend Institutes Islam In Public Schools Across Country

Turmoil. This is the word that describes Turkey and its’ current state under President Erdogan’s reign, as he so clearly is Islamizing the country. Here are some scary facts of what Islamizing looks like…

– 125,000 have been swept from government positions
– military, police, and other ministries suffering from cuts due to forced agendas
– 46,000 citizens arrested, many of them teachers who were targeted.

In fact, nearly half arrested were educators. President Erdogan has made it very clear that he has one goal, and that goal is to eradicate fair democracy to fully welcome Islam, and it is the schools that are pivotal. He is going after the next generation…to ensure they have no education.


The Ministry of Education has admitted that 58 out of 300 government-issued textbooks are scheduled to be remove any “terrorist propaganda.’ This leaves more than half of the country’s textbooks in line to be eradicated. If this happens Erdogan will have been responsible for breeding an entire generation of uneducated radicals.


This is what Islam does. History tells the same story.

“It is a project to transform society, in a way the ruling party wants … to gravitate toward an identity of Sunni Islam, just a very specific definition,” says Turgut Yokuş, director of Istanbul Branch No. 2 of the secular teachers union Egitim Sen. “Turkey is a mosaic, and AKP wants one religion, one language, one congregation – one kind of people. They are crushing this diversity.”


Sadly, President Erdogan has zero respect for democratic traditions and surprise, surprise he has the support of President Obama. We have heard Obama say time and time again that he supports the Turkish president full force.


“This is the first opportunity that I’ve had to meet face to face with President Erdogan since the terrible attempted coup,” Obama said to Erdogan in September. “We’re glad you’re here, safe, and that we are able to continue to work together.”

President Obama who we know has been soft on radical Islam…and not even trying to hide it anymore. Yes, he does slam terrorism, but he refuses to recognize the correlation between Muslim extremists and terror hits.

All the while claiming that he supports democracy in Syria by arming rebel groups, but still remains silent on all accounts of Erdogan’s crackdown.

“We basically have turned a blind eye to Erdogan’s drive towards an authoritarian, one-man system of rule in Turkey,” said Eric Edelman, a U.S. ambassador to Ankara for two years and a deputy secretary of defense under George W. Bush.“The president has acknowledged it, but we haven’t really done much about it, if anything.”

Obama has held Turkey on a pedestal as an example to other countries to strive for becoming. He even named the President of Turkey as one of the five world leaders with who he had the best relationship with.

Yes, he had to audacity to do this without a second thought to how anti-American it may seem.

Do we sit idly by and allow someone like the President of Turkey to create a massive breeding ground for terrorists? They are already drowning with Syrian refugees, of whom several of them support radicalism.

This is bad. Very bad.

This is just one more reason of many that we are LUCKY Trump decided to run for President AND that he won.

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