Look What The Obamas Latest Scam Is That Will Make Them The Wealthiest People In America

Democrats constantly criticize Republicans for being rich and white and out of touch with reality. But it seems that even their greatest example of who to be is no better than the people they say they hate so much. That is none other than President Obama and Michelle Obama.

Since leaving the spotlight and the White House the former First Family is prepared to make bank in speaking fees and highly lucrative book deals as any good public servant would. They hired Robert Barnett and Deneen Howell who are known as high-flying attorneys in the business.

They work for a public relations agency and specialize in these types of contracts. They’ve worked with the Clintons and Mia Farrow to name a few. No schedules or book release dates have been sent out as of yet.

The Harry Walker Agency has also represented the likes of Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney and Al Gore. The news was announced by Kevin Lewis, the family’s spokesman.

It’s estimated the President could earn more than $400,000 per speech. The founder and CEO of social media, marketing and PR for the firm The Greek Factory said the following about the former First Family,

No doubt [former President Obama’s] first speech could easily [command] $250k at minimum. Michelle will also see numbers around [$250K per speech] for the first year as well. Those fees probably won’t drop anytime soon, when you stop and think about it, especially if Obama continues to be vocal, as he [has] said he would.”

The former President has allegedly made more than $10 million off the three books he already wrote. Meaning any other books he would release would likely bring in a heavy flow of income.

Democrats love to complain about the Republican elite but they need not look any further than their own former President to see what the problem is. There is nothing wrong with earning an honest buck. Every President makes money for speeches and books. But when they point their finger at others for being out of touch and they are doing the exact same things that is a mighty big double standard.

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