OBAMA’S LEGACY: New Imported Muslim Migrants Rape And Urinate On 5-Year Old In Idaho

On June 2nd a five year old girl who was special needs was taken at knife point while playing outside her home in a neighborhood in Twin Falls, Idaho. She was taken to the laundry facilities shared by tenants by three young men from refugee families. They were 13, 9, and 8 years old. They sexually assaulted and then urinated all over her. The child who is 8 allegedly cut a different girls arm with a knife one week before school finished for the summer.

A neighbor found the girl with this three boys. All of her clothing had been ripped off and the boys were naked. There was reportedly a video tape of the incident which was found on the scene. After the neighbor alerted the girls parents they arrived to the crime scene.

The father viewed the video which showed the two older boys coaching the youngest boy on how to properly assault the girl as they attempted to rape her while urinating in her mouth. They continued to urinate on her while they pushed her up against the wall. The mother called the police.

One of the assailants followed them to their home and in broken English reportedly said,

No police, everything ok.”

The Twin Falls Police Department arrested the two older boys on June 18th. However no restraining order has been placed or granted against the assailants families. The perpetrators instead have been seen by reporters and neighbors running around the apartment complex grounds free. Because of funding problems the victim and her family must remain in the same apartment complex.

The county Prosecutor, Grant Loebs, has been lax and slow in responding to complaints about violence from the refugee community. Twin Falls is a safe haven for refugees where approximately 300 refugee families were placed in 2015. People came from Iraq, Congo, Burma, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Somalia.

Julie Ruf, a local leader and concerned citizen, told news outlets there have been as many as 200 residents who have expressed concerns over the redge program for more than a year to the City Council, Police department, as well as the CSI trustee board.

Obamas liberal immigration policies have led to the deaths of innocent Americans. Now a five year girl has paid the ultimate price for his political correctness and unwillingness to shut our borders. How many more innocent children have to be violated before Obama says enough is enough and closes our borders?

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