The Obamas Made $400,000+ Last Year, Here’s the DISGUSTING Amount They Gave to Charity

The president and his wife released their 2015 tax returns on Friday, and while the $64,000 the Obamas gave to charity seemed like a lot at first glance, a closer inspection revealed that it was just a speck in the dust.

TheBlaze reported that President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama earned a bit over $436,000 in 2015 and spent about 15 percent of it on charity.

Of the $64,000 donated to charity, $9,000 went to a wounded veterans organization, while $5,000 went to the Beau Biden Foundation and $5,000 went to Sidwell Friends School, which their daughters attend.

What the tax returns failed to mention, however, was the at least $3 million in taxpayer money that the Obamas wasted in 2015 going on lavish vacations in Palm Springs, New York City and Martha’s Vineyard, to name a few.

If you count the $3 million as income, then the Obamas’ effective charity rate drops from 16 percent to just 1.8 percent. Does that sound generous to you? I think not.

Granted, former President George W. Bush took more vacations than Obama, but his vacations reportedly cost far less, as he preferred humble simplicity to loud luxury.


Moreover, the Obamas paid only $81,500 in federal income taxes, giving them an effective tax rate of 18.7 percent. For people who kvetch so incessantly about the alleged need for the rich to pay their “fair share,” the Obamas seem awfully content using devious methods to keep their own tax rate low.

Hypocritical much?

While the Obamas deserve praise for giving money to charity in the first place — as some people give nothing — the point remains that for people who live off the taxpayer’s dime and complain about the rich, the Obamas themselves seem like a picture perfect portrait of everything they hate.

Incidentally, they are also a portrait of what Americans hate, which is hypocrites.

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