Obama’s Mentor Bill Ayers Says That America Is A Terrorist Nation


If you ever wonder why Obama is such a nut case, look no further than his mentor Bill Ayers. He did a wonderful job radicalizing Obama’s young mind into a full blown Anti-American communist.

From Young Cons:  Ever wonder where President Obama came up with some of his loony ideas?

As a young man, our president hung around some pretty interesting characters and they appear to have shaped the way he looks at a lot of different issues.

One of his pals was domestic terrorist Bill Ayers who used to spend his time leading a group of lunatics that tried to bomb government buildings and murder police officers.

A truly evil man.

Check out what Ayers had to say about the United States while speaking to an Iranian news outlet.

From Gateway Pundit via Fars News:

Barack Obama’s family friend and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers told Iranian Fars News Agency that the US is a terrorist nation. Ayers went on to say that the United States is the most serious threat to world peace.

A leading American intellectual an anti-war activist believes that the United States is the most serious threat to the world peace and that the US government is a major terrorist entity.

Bill Ayers says, according to the most standard and reliable definitions of terrorism, “US is indeed a terrorist nation.” He adds, “It’s also the greatest purveyor of violence on earth over the past half century, and the foremost threat to world peace today.”

Bill Ayers, a retired professor in the College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, believes that despite its destructive and dreadful impacts on the livings of American people and other nations across the world, the US imperialism is “in a decisive decline.”

“US imperialism is in decisive decline today as an economic and political power even as it is expanding as a ferocious and aggressive military power. This combination—decline and ascent—makes this a particularly unstable, dangerous, and urgent moment on the clock of the universe,” he argued.

“I think the US should immediately close all military bases and installations abroad, withdraw all troops on foreign soil including all mercenary fighters, end all military aid to Israel, and unilaterally decommission its nuclear arsenal,” Bill Ayers added.

Well that explains a lot.

No wonder the president is so dead set on eliminating American influence in the Middle East.

One of his former mentors believes in this nonsense!

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