Obama’s “Most trusted” foreign ally, Turkey: According to Islamic law, lusting after your daughter is just fine

From Pamela Geller

We have lost Turkey. After a century of fighting for the Kemalist separation of mosque and state, Turkey has all but lost the fight against jihad and sharia under Erdogan’s jihad rule. It is now operating like a seventh-century barbaric Islamic state. The coup was made possible by Obama’s sanction and embrace of the dictator who means to be the “second Hitler.”

When asked who Obama’s favorite, most trusted foreign leader is, Obama responded without hesitation that it was Erdogan. That speaks volumes as to what’s in Obama’s rather small heart.

I received this from a Turkish reader:


In the article above, the Office of the Turkish Religious Affairs has given a scandalizing answer to the question, ‘if one kisses his own daughter in lust would it forfeit his marriage to his own wife,’ which they replied by saying it won’t and gave references from hadith. The backlash caused them to remove this scandalous answer from the website and put it to hold. But after that they made threats of taking legal action to the journalists who have published it all the while denying what they have done.
This is what we Kemalists (and those know what is right) exactly have to endure back in Turkey at the hands of the Islamic fundementalist government ever since 2002 elections where they first came in to power. There is only so much that we can do and the last time we tried to stop them at the Gezi park incident, the kickback we have received from the government has been brutal. The Turkish Judiciary system belongs to them now and they have brutally subjugated the army who now serves only to their whims. Our history and secular lifestyle is now in danger.
For the time being we only ask that show the West the face of the true monster they have helped him to ascend. The monster called Tayyip Erdoğan who is now plotting to become second Hitler. It is true some of our methods have been questioning in nature but we were the only ones keeping these savages in check..
Google translate of the answer the writer is referring to:

Religious sites located in the scandal Here’s the answer:

“Is his own daughter’s wedding would have the effect of not kissing lust?”

“My father has a difference of opinion as to what the wedding if not lust kissing his daughter. According to some sect, father’s lust girls kissing or lust has no effect on the marriage of hugging him (see. Ibn Rushd, Bidayetü’l-Mojtahed, Egypt in 1975, II, 33; Ibn Qudama al-Mughni, VII, 486; Ibn Cüzey, hand-Kavaninü’l-Fıkhiyy to 138). According to the Hanafi; father, kissing his daughter to lust, lust if hugging her daughter, the mother of the girl that my father would be unlawful. But keeping such a result would yield, that touching the skin of the skin, or enough to convey the warmth of the gold must be a thin blanket. Holding the thick clothes, or hear it thinking lust look at the body, it does not constitute such a haramlık. In addition, the girl must be over the age of 9. Lust sign of hearing, a shake-up in the men’s bodies, increased awake awakening, she is hitting excitement of the heart (Merge Thani, al-Hidaya, I, 192; Mevsıl, hand-old, III, 109). “

Here’s a good piece, from of all places, the Huffington Post. Yes, a true pig flying moment:

“Losing Turkey,” By David L. Phillips,  Huffington Post, Janaury 8, 2016 (thanks to Howard):

The Obama administration must see Turkey under the reign of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for what it is, not how it used to be, or how Washington wishes it were. It is time for steely-eyed realism about Erdogan. Following are the facts:

Erdogan is authoritarian.
He recently praised “Hitler’s Germany,” mentioning Hitler in the context of his own tenure.

Erdogan blocks independent media.
Presently, 34 journalists are in jail for various charges including “insulting the President.” According to Journalists without Borders, Turkey ranks 149 out of 180 countries on press freedom.

Erdogan attacks freedom of expression.
Peaceful demonstrators protesting the destruction of Gezi Park were attacked with truncheons, tear gas, and water cannon in 2013. Police brutality sparked protests in 60 cities, which were violently suppressed.

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