OBAMA’S PANSY MILITARY: Marine Corps Plans to make Boot Camp Gender Neutral, USMC Captain Lashes Out

From Young Cons: No longer is the world’s greatest military specifically designed to prevent other nations from attacking, as it has now become America’s largest social experiment.

After repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ a few years back, the Obama administration is hellbent on making sure that women become elite soldiers who can do everything men can do, regardless of whether or not they can meet the same standards.

Newsflash: when it comes to the physical and emotion strength of men and women, we’re not equal.

Stop trying to pretend that we’re all the same!

Here’s Captain and Counterintelligence officer Eric Kirsch’s take…

From IJR:

On January 15th, the Marine Corps is required to submit a plan to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus on how they’re going to make boot camp gender neutral.

Sadly, the plan must also apply to Officer Candidate School, and it has to include ways to label Marines in a gender neutral way.

“The Navy Secretary served for 24 months (1971-1972) in a non combat role within the United States Navy prior to attending Harvard Law School.

He issued his memo request on 1 JAN and expects a detailed plan to be delivered no later than 15 JAN, erasing 241 years in 14 days, the United States Marine Corps, compliant to lawful order, obedient and faithful, always, is scrambling to dismantle title, as if it were an gangrenous arbitrary item and they have 5 further business days in which to do it.”

“I served with Males and Females and Homosexuals and I’m cool with Transgendered because nothing would make me happier then hearing the frantic stuttering hand held radio transmissions of ISIS fighters announcing the assault of fabulous Marines who also enjoy alternative lifestyles raining steel upon their intolerant bullshit.

That said, I believe, firmly, in gender segregation, in basic training….why WOULD YOU NOT SEGREGATE GENDERS? Of what benefit to either gender is mixing the two in initial training? If you got something I do not know about, regarding how it will IMPROVE the Marine Corps, sound the fuck off, I beg you.

I also believe it’s folly to argue over the inevitable, fine, okay, they are making Female Grunts now? Ok, I politely suggested ALL FEMALE / FEMALE ONLY INFANTRY BATTALIONS, yet I said that somewhere else and was pretty much called a Satan Shit Lord Misogynist, unreal.”

“We’re about to be glove slapped by history and then who will have the strength to point their outraged little fingers when the rosters swell with madness of unnecessary WIA/KIA due to “Social Manipulation” in the name of bullshit “Gender Equality”, we are NOT ALL EQUALS and life is not fucking fair, fair is where you go on rides and eat candy apples, F!”

Will removing the title “Man” from the United States Marine Corps end our Constitutional Republic, no, yet it’s sort of like taking a massive break in a rest room after a binge at Taco Bell and bombing the head with Butterfly Garden aerosol potpourri.

Now your confined space smells like a bear took a dump in a Butterfly Garden, I’m not sure what is worse, natural rancidity or that enhanced by a toxic chemical perfume.”

The absolute last place the Obama agenda needs to be is in the military.

We don’t train our service members to become more courteous toward radical Islamists who want to rip their heads off, now do we?

Why are we then allowing this madness to continue?

Let’s all pray a Republican wins in November, because if not, we could soon be seeing our boys wearing tutu’s on the battlefield.

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