OBAMAS PROUD: Black Thug Yells “I Hate White People” Pushes Man Towards Train, Then Spits On Cops Face

A really angry black dude almost murked an unsuspecting white guy when he yelled that he hates “white people” and pushed a man on the train tracks.

The CHOO CHOO train would have crushed the white guy, but a good Samaritan helped save the guy from being mashed like potatoes.

And this right here is why people say racism works both ways. Anytime a person says they hate someone of a specific race, that’s racism. There’s weirdos out there who say racism can only go one way, or black people can’t be racist. That’s all BS and excuses for poor behavior and failure.


NY Post – A subway rider was shoved toward the tracks in Harlem by aman who said he hates “white people” — and hours later, a train operator was the victim of a similar attack in lower Manhattan, police sources said.

The terrifying assaults come amid a rash of pushing, jumping and falling incidents in the subway system that has officials exploring the addition of barriers on platforms.

Gary Weeks, 51, who is black, approached a 28-year-old white man as he was waiting on the northbound 4 train platform at 125th Street around 1 p.m. Monday and and allegedly said: “I don’t like white people,” police sources said.

Weeks then grabbed the victim and tried to shove him onto the tracks, the sources said.
The man was able to break away from the attacker, with the aid of a good Samaritan, and called for help.

Weeks allegedly remained violent after police showed up and even spat in an officer’s face before being brought under control.

This is one of those times where I hope police jacked this guy up, broke a few bones, and said “he fell” on the way to the police cruiser.

Why do I advocate for police violence?

Because this guy almost murdered someone for no reason.

This guy almost ruined the day of a train conductor and every passenger who would’ve had to step over a splattered body on their way to work – all because one guy “hates white people.”

Get over it man.

We’re all different colors, but we’re all human.

If you want to hate someone because they’re an A-Hole, then that’s OK.

But you simply should not hate someone based on their color alone.

Hate people because of their actions.

Now this guy who was pushed – he’s not going to hate every black guy – just that one who pushed him.

And….rightfully so!

Yet if he turns into a racist and hates every black person, then he’s just another POS like every other blatant racist out there.

Hate or like people based on their actions, not on their color.

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