Obama’s Race War Arrives: Whites Hunted On Streets Of Milwaukee, Beaten Bloody During Riots (VIDEO)

Patriots…we have ourselves, a race war. Obama’s race war to be clear. It is Obama and Democrats that have been providing the air this flame needed to take off, and it’s been happening since Obama took office.

This fire lit a rage when they stoked hatred in Ferguson, and as a result rioters burned down the business district. From there…the hatred spread across the nation like a plague, and today the ‘loss of life’ count continues to rise as a result.

Oddly enough, but not so surprising as it is INFURIATING, it’s these riots and absolute acts of terror that has Obama inviting these savages and their ‘protest leaders’ to the White House… SEVERAL TIMES!

In fact, last night in Milwaukee, we had an incident that should be raging on every media outlet as breaking news. However…it’s not.

Black rioters HUNTED down white people… like animals.

Is this what “Hope and Change” looks like to you Obama?

Angry rioters, chanting “black power!” before asking “is they white?” as a car slowly drives past them… and why? So they know when to attack!

Someone responds “Yeah they white!” and prompts the mob to attack the vehicle. “Yea they white, get their ass!”


The dialogue only gets worse from there…

You can’t stoke racial hatred and envy for years and not expect something like this to happen.

Prepare yourselves, this is either going to seriously piss you off, or make you cry.

That’s not all. There is more. Make sure you are sitting down for this.

Now all we have to do is sit back and wait for Obama or his female counterpart pandering idiot, Hillary Clinton gets behind a mic and tries to justify these scumbags.

Go ahead Obama, tell me one more time that we need to listen to the complaints of these people who are only acting on feelings and not facts and terrorizing a nation and killing our blue life heroes! Tell me one more time that we need to look strongly at police brutality and the fear that these black protesters have to live in because their lives given to them are so unfair because of the white man.

Then I’ll tell you where you can shove it.


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