Obama’s Release of DHS/FBI Report on Russian Hackers Has a Huge Disclaimer On Top!

The White House claims that Russia is responsible for hacking the U.S., election, but is this just another case of fake news in action?

Wikileaks has pointed a startling fact about the DHS/FBI report on Russian hackers. The report has a HUGE disclaimer at the top suggesting the “alleges” could be “false” or misleading information.

As Red State Watcher reported:


Here’s the document with the disclaimer on top:


One user on the subreddit “The_Donald” had some great commentary on the document:

“I just read over the thirteen pages of the FBI,DHS report, and all I can do is laugh. The language is vague, all they did was copy and paste common attacks (like spearphishing, and privilege escalation) and threw on ‘RIS’ to indicate a Russian attacker. There were no verifiable details, the “technical details” was a simple Yara signature that had no unique information what so ever. Then they posted a one page list of Russian Cyber Groups. That was about 3 pages total. The rest of the “report” was simple common attacks and mitigation (had 0 links to the DNC hacks, it was just general knowledge stuff). This report would never make it on an actual technical website or journal. Someone who read one book on CEH could write the “report” almost word for word.”

What do you all think? If “Russia” just the Left’s latest scapegoat because they don’t want to point the finger at themselves for losing this election? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section and share this post on Facebook and Twitter!


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