Once again, the largest group of Islamic extremists in Syria and Iraq has beheaded an American citizen.

And once again, President Barack Obama seems more concerned with making sure that Islam doesn’t take the blame for the barbarism than ensuring that that group, which calls itself the Islamic State, does.

“Abdul-Rahman was taken from us in an act of pure evil by a terrorist group that the world rightly associates with inhumanity,” Obama said in a statement following the release of a video purporting to show the beheading of Abdul-Rahman Kassig, who was known as Peter Kassig before his conversion to Islam while in captivity, according to PJ Media.

“Like Jim Foley and Steven Sotloff before him, his life and deeds stand in stark contrast to everything that ISIL represents,” the statement continued.

So far, so good. Obama still uses the term ISIL to describe the group, while practically no one else does, but his message here is on point.

“While ISIL revels in the slaughter of innocents, including Muslims, and is bent only on sowing death and destruction, Abdul-Rahman was a humanitarian who worked to save the lives of Syrians injured and dispossessed by the Syrian conflict,” the statement continued.

And here it begins. Yes, the terrorists also slaughter Muslims. We get it. Muslims have been slaughtering Muslims for hundreds of years.

This is not news. And, depending on whether you accept Kassig’s conversion to Islam as genuine or not, the statement is either obvious or irrelevant.

Obama’s statement gave more details about Kassig’s good works, all of which have come to a crashing halt at the hands of the Islamic barbarians.

Then he made possibly the most ridiculous comment he could have.

“ISIL’s actions represent no faith, least of all the Muslim faith which Abdul-Rahman adopted as his own,” he wrote.

Well, duh. Beheading is not, to President Obama’s knowledge, a tenet of any major world religion. How comforting.

Worse, the statement is blatantly false. If an argument can be made that decapitation is, in fact, a doctrine of a world religion, that religion would have to be Islam — it’s not “least of all” in any sense.

Of course, rape, theft, sexual slavery, martial conquest and crucifixion are not major tenets of any belief system either, and yet the terrorists calling themselves the Islamic State engage in these activities with regularity, all in the name of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad.

There is only one reason to make such a comment, and it has nothing to do with comforting the Kassig family or denouncing the militants.

In the face of the death of yet another American, Obama was once more being nothing more than a Muslim apologist.

Mr. President, the Muslim world does not need your explanations. For the most part, they don’t even care about them. But your country needs leadership against the threat of radical Islam. If you’re not going to provide that leadership, kindly step aside and let someone else do it.


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