Obama’s Statement from 2011 Shatters His Current Remarks on Bringing Refugees Into the US


From IJReview: President Obama spent some time in Malaysia on Saturday, visiting a learning center that serves a lower-income area. Some of the students there are refugees themselves. The President cheered them, saying:

“[These children] represent the opposite of terror, the opposite of the type of despicable violence we saw in Mali and Paris.”

He then went on to address the conflict brewing in the United States regarding whether or not to continue allowing the influx of refugees from Syria. He added:

“Anybody who had a chance to see those kids, hopefully you understood the degree to which they’re just like our kids. They deserve love and stability and protection.”

He explained that more and more countries were starting to realize that it was their duty to help. Despite the fact that, in the last week alone, multiple refugees traced to Syria have been caught entering the United States illegally, he promised:

“As long as I’m President we are going to keep stepping up.”

But it was just a few short years ago, in 2011, that the Obama Administration stepped down, restricting the number of Iraqi asylum-seekers they accepted — based on just such a security threat.

And that was after a bipartisan effort by Congress to ease restrictions on asylum seekers as Iraqi Christians and Egyptian Coptic Christians were being systematically targeted for extermination. Representative Anna Eshoo (D-Calif.) explained:

“Going to the market and riding the bus, Iraqi Christians face death every day. There is no question that Christians are being targeted [in Iraq].”

Eshoo is no stranger to the effects of religious persecution, as she herself is the granddaughter of Assyrian and Armenian Christians who fled the genocide carried out by the Ottoman Turks and their Kurdish allies at the end of World War I.

Representative Christopher Smith (R-NJ) stated his agreement:

“Human rights has been significantly demoted in the past two years, and it’s appalling. This administration gets an F for its response to human rights abuses.”

What has changed since 2011 that made what was once considered a necessary action to ensure national security an action that is now being summarily dismissed as “un-American”?


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