OBAMA’S TERRORISTS: BLM Arsonists Torch Brush, Kill Cows, & Burn A Home (VIDEO)

From Mad World:

It’s a little difficult to understand the convoluted issues surrounding the imprisonment of two ranchers in Oregon for a second time on the same charges. That dispute involves the father and son Hammonds against what might be characterized as wild west “good old boy” authorities working the system together, a sheriff of questionable integrity and corrupt federal officials, seeking to force them off of their property.

The occupation of federal buildings at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by private citizens is a means of demanding reform of the corrupt land grabbing federal government and the release of the ranchers. It is a megaphone to the citizens of the United States, a communications device to once again draw attention to the rampant oppression of the rogue BLM (Bureau of Land Management), the Department of Interior, and others.

While the methods chosen by those involved in the dispute are being questioned as being possibly excessive, one thing could put all the events into a different context. Evidence of abuse by the feds could shine a light that is more sympathetic to and understanding of the plight of these ordinary citizens fighting for their very existence against the all-powerful and absolutely corrupt federal behemoth. This video certainly seems to contain that proof. It appears to show blatant abuse of power as well as destruction of private property, threats to life and property, arson, and terrorist acts on the part of BLM.

This video claims and appears to show fires being set and left to burn unattended, other fires set to burn livestock and property, a small Oregon town threatened by a BLM arson fire, as well as one family’s home being burned to the ground. The land is generally the same for which the Hammonds were sentenced twice, yet BLM conducts reckless, destructive burns with no consequences of any kind.

The imagery is not unlike Waco, though the size of the fire and the armaments of the perpetrators are on a much smaller scale. Unlike in Waco, there has so far been no loss of human life, but there has been significant property damage and the deaths of approximately 80 head of cattle.

The Hammonds were charged with arson and committing a terrorist act, which they clearly had not done. It is equally clear that, if the videos are as valid as they appear to be, the federal government, through the BLM, is openly engaging in terrorist activities against American citizens. No members of the Obama regime have been charged with anything, regardless of the nature of the crime. That trend of residing above the law continues in this case. Read More


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