One Final SCREW YOU: Obamas Head Off On Last Three-Week Vacation

The Obama family made news this week when Sasha was seen at her summer job in Martha’s Vineyard serving food. Now the media reports the Obama family will be spending two weeks in the Vineyard to finish their summer vacation.

Vacation has official started for the Obamas. The President is on vacation in lieu of the going to the Rio Olympics. In 2012 he sent Michelle to he London Olympics. He also turned up the offer to go to both Winter Olympics. The Vice President went in his stead. Apparently representing the country he runs isn’t that important to the leader of our country.

During his eight years as President it will mean he will have never attended an Olympic game. A White House spokesperson said the prevalence of the zika virus had no role in his decision not to go. He arrived in the Vineyard in Friday. Which was a day earlier than originally planned.

His vacation will last seventeen days and he will spend it with Michelle, Sasha and Malia. As well as their first dogs Bo and Sunny. Upon his return he will likley battle Congress and Senate over spending, the Iran nuclear deal, and the upcoming November election.

Their vacation abode is a seven bedroom, nine bathroom property they rented the previous year. This is the families sixth trip to the island in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, we have a President who thinks vacationing is more important right now than representing our country at the Olympics, the Zika virus, the genocide and war in Iraq and Syria and the increasing danger presented to law enforcement officers. No, no, heading to Martha’s Vineyard is more important.

It is ironic considering his party castigated Bush for taking too many vacations. Yet here he is doing the exact same thing. It’s the party of hypocrisy.

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