BREAKING: Trump Was Right! Obama’s Top Adviser Just Admitted To This SICK Crime

Yesterday the mainstream liberal media exploded after Donald Trump tweeted out allegations that President Obama wiretapped his phones throughout the 2016 presidential election at his Trump Tower location. People have been quick to castigate President Trump and defend President Obama.

But a high profile Obama Advisor admitted on social media that it might have actually occurred after all. See some of their Twitter comments below,

Axelrod basically admitted there was a probe done by Democrats into Donald Trump but that the party was upset that President Obama wasn’t working harder to get more information. So much for maintaining their right to remain silent.

Despite the fact that the media indicates the President and his administration have no proof Axelrod’s social media statements are proof in itself. If they are already admitting what they did an investigation wouldn’t take too long to drag the entire truth out of them.

All the Obama administration would have had to do was use covert FISA courts to obtain warrants. In June of 2016, the administration did file such requests but was unilaterally denied. After which the Podesta emails were released on Wikileaks and Trump publically called on Russia to find Clinton’s tens of thousands of missing emails. Then in October another FISA request is placed.

The evidence is clear. After numerous scandals concerning Russia and others, the Obama administration tried obtaining warrants to wiretap the Trump campaign but was systemically denied. So instead they chose to illegally do it anyways to try and get a leg up in the election and to tamper his eventual win. Now they are working overtime to try and see if it works.

If more evidence surfaces this will be, as many are saying, the biggest scandal since Watergate during the Nixon administration. But even then Democrats won’t take responsibility for their crimes.

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