Obama’s Welfare Leeches Are FURIOUS After Trump Just Took Their Gravy Train Away And Did This With It!

A new executive order under the Trump administration is going to make liberals go crazy. A executive order is being drafted that would deport illegal immigrants reliant on welfare and those in need of public assistance. All of his promises are coming true.

His new executive order would make it far more difficult for illegal immigrants to abuse the entitlement programs we have available to our citizens. It would help to stop such intention abuse and the burden the American taxpayers have to deal with as a result. Because after all it is the American taxpayers who have to pay that financial burden. That is the most sickening part of it all.

The order would help to exclude immigration of certain people who are more financially apt to require financial services from social service programs and federal agencies. Estimates over how much it could save the government are in the $100 billion range.

Surprisingly it would give cash reimbursement to people who financially help immigrant relatives transitioning into society. But the immigrants would have to have their identities reported to federal authorities for tracking purposes.

The President has made it very clear from the very beginning that immigration was going to be a focal point of his administration. Most importantly, revamping the system. He began with his temporary ban on several countries that are terrorist hot beds. Now this order stands to save the taxpayers millions from the economic burden of illegal immigrants.

If the President follows through with his promises he will in all likelihood get re-elected. Especially if he is able to save the middle class tax payer exorbitant amounts of money while also refurbishing our immigration system. He is going to surprise people with how amazing he does and it certainly seems as though nobody has gotten sick of winning just yet.

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