President Obama’s nightmare scenario came true early Wednesday as Republican Donald Trump, the man whom Mr. Obama said couldn’t win and wouldn’t win, indeed won the election to succeed him.

The White House didn’t react to Mr. Trump’s election until after dawn broke in Washington, with press secretary Josh Earnest saying Mr. Obama had called Mr. Trump to congratulate him and invite him to the White House. The president himself was expected to comment on the election later in the day.

Obama said for months on the campaign trail that he’d consider Donald Trump’s election a personal repudiation. And it was. The Senate and House results leave no question, as if there could be one.

Mr. Trump’s election drew parallels to the British prime minister’s rise to power following the decision by British voters earlier this year to leave the European Union, a move opposed by Mr. Obama.

Longtime Clinton backer James Carville reacts to the apparent outcome of the 2016 election.

JAMES CARVILLE: Shaky is about as optimistic a word as I can see right now. I think this is, if this thing goes where it looks like, where I hope it doesn’t go, people gotta understand, this election is gonna have consequences like you can’t believe.

I was looking with Steve Schmidt’s presentation and I think Steve was, if anything, optimistic. Donald Trump now has the authority of an election behind him.
It’s the biggest thing that you can have in a democracy.

You can’t — this is not an antiseptic event. This is now– He has the validation of the people.
He said what he was running on. It was pretty clear what he was offering. You know, obviously I’m — you can imagine, I’m distraught about the entire thing. I feel terrible for a lot of my friends. But what is here tonight is hard to put into perspective. We’re going to have one party ruling this country, and Obamacare is done. Dodd/Frank is done.

The diplomatic and financial consequences, I’m looking at the futures, they’re going to go further.

It was only a few months ago that Obama insisted a President Trump could never happen. Now President Obama who made his legacy one of open borders, pandering to Islam at all costs, ignoring the rise of ISIS, and a failed Obamacare system, must eat a big piece of humble pie.

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