DISGUSTING: Obese Woman Makes $2,000 Every Month Because of her EIGHT-FOOT Hips, And BRAGS!

WARNING: Dizziness, sick headaches, Vomiting may occur. I suggest no eating while looking at these horrific pictures.

I’m sorry.. this is disgusting. Nothing attractive or healthy about this at all. I could care less how much money she is making.

490LBS is not something to be proud of. This isn’t a “Curvy body.” This is just fat. Please hit the gym before you die of a heart-attack..sweetie.

From Capitalism Is Freedom

A 490lb woman with eight-foot hips is making a fortune from an adoring legion of online ‘chubby chasers’, who can’t get enough of her exceptionally curvy body — and are happy to pay her for the pleasure of looking at it.

curvy money 01

Bobbi-Jo Westley says her sizable saddlebags and legs, which weigh 140lbs on their own, make her irresistible to men with an appreciation of larger ladies.

curvy money 03

The 43-year-old ‘model’, who lives in Pennsylvania, is known in the Super Size Big Beautiful Women modelling community for her extreme figure, which helps her to earn $2,000 from webcam sessions.

Bobbi-Jo said that her wide hips and backside haven’t just made her popular in the US, where 68.8 per cent of adults are considered overweight or obese, according to the National Institutes of Health.

curvy money

In fact, she revealed that men around the world are fans of her hefty figure, and willing to splash out cash on her steamy webcam videos. ‘I’m very confident and it’s my body. Read More

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