Obnoxious Road Raging Wannabe Thug Messed With The Wrong Driver… Gets BRUTAL Lesson (VIDEO)

Road rage perpetrator pulls up hard on the passenger side of another driver and almost learns a really hard lesson.


Watch here.

If they pulled over, then there would be a huge fist fight. If the driver who was recording fired his weapon, then he’d probably miss because he’s holding it sideways like an idiot.

But let’s just say this guy in a moving car fired the gun and was able to hit a moving target in another moving car. The other car would crash into something, maybe cause a back-up on the road, and cause a mass amount of damages and injuries.

Thankfully that did not happen. The angry road rager slammed his breaks and dropped back into traffic.

What’s the best way to deal with a road rager (besides shooting them in the face)?

Drive away. Just drive away because there’s no reason to get involved in a random act of violence because of road rage. Sure, it might feel wonderful to smash someone’s head in with a tire iron because they flipped the bird and said they banged your mother, but then you still get stuck in court and possibly jail.

We can’t have our good audience read this website from jail!

While you’re driving away from a road rager, try to get their license plate and make/model of their car. Then call 911 and report the erratic driver. Maybe you can follow them for a while and watch them get arrested.

Then upload the video to YouTube and see if you go viral.

If you go viral, then maybe you earn a few bucks and can buy yourself a better car.

No point in wasting your energy on a road rage maniac. Use your brain and do something hilariously intelligent.

Let the bum get taken care of the smart way.

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