The tragedy in the city of Odessa and Slavyansk split Ukraine


I’m sure that ordinary people in America and Europe will be astonished but Ukraine is going to be the second Syria. The reality of civil war in Ukraine is not covered by western media and the majority of articles about our country seems to be deceitful demagoguery. Let me show what had really happened.

Peaceful protest in November 2013 named “Euromaidan” gathered people on central square of Kiev under the flags of European Union. Thousands of Ukrainians called for president Yanukovich to sign the treaty of Association with EU mistaking that it’s something like membership in EU. He didn’t do that making the only right step.

Within the couple of weeks peaceful protest turned to chaos: nazi from western Ukraine came to Kiev bringing ideas of Hitler’s national socialism. They yelled “Ukraine for Ukrainians”, “Russian speaking population should be killed”, “Russia is our enemy” etc. The same was in Germany in early 1930s when nazi came to power in Germany.

Experts say that nazi from Western Ukraine and protest specialists were prepared by US special services for presidential elections in 2015. But president Yanukovich gave a good reason to begin disorders much more earlier.

Eastern Ukraine today is demolished. Political system is destroyed. South-East regions of Ukraine fight against authorities. Members of parliament who represented south-east of Ukraine left their posts. Now all the acts of Parliament are approved by Western-backed parties. People of south-east regions in fact are not represented in Parliament at all but the majority of laws are addressed to them. One of the first laws adopted by MP’s was to limit the use of Russian language. That was the first law in country which economy is ruined, the country’s burden has tripled, and average salary is about $350. That’s strange move isn’t it.

After many weeks of civil war Western-backed government decided to use armed forces against people who don’t support authorities in Kiev. Western media has written about the small city of Slovyansk which became the symbol of civil unrest in south-east Ukraine. Now this city is destroyed.  There were about 1000 protesters armed with rifles and guns. Against them is about 30 000 forces armed with all the modern weapons including multiple launch rocket systems and artillery.

On the second of May football fans burned the camp of pro-Russian activists in Ukrainian city of Odessa, pushed them into the House of Trade Unions and set the building on fire with Molotov cocktails. Football Ultras didn’t let people leave the building. Pro-Russian activists jumped from the upper floors. Result: about 70 people died. More than 300 people were in city hospital. Local police didn’t do anything. They were just like spectators . A lot of people with Ukrainian flags welcomed that tragedy on the square in front of the building. It took place two months ago and there is no progress in investigation.

Western media said that pro-Russian protesters entered the building and began to throw oil bombs on football ultras. Guardian said that was the reason of fire. In spite of all the videos showing who really threw Molotov cocktails. Ordinary ukrainians won’t excuse such a cynicism.

In my humble opinion situation in Ukraine is far from normal and presidential elections on the 25th of May didn’t change anything. Our country is now divided into two parts: those who support Western-backed illegitimate government of Poroshenko and Yatsenuk and those who support independence from Kiev. Tragedy in Odessa disgraced the whole idea of united Ukraine.

Our country will never be the same. I can’t imagine ordinary Ukrainian from south-east regions supporting the government like this.

And that’s the thing US and European media and people should pay attention on…


Tragedy in the city of Odessa. And happy supporters of Western-backed government making selfies in front of the building where protesters died

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People in the destroyed city of Slovyansk try to save themselves from government forces

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Recent photos from British Daily Mail on situation in Eastern Ukraine


Is a former US Army Officer and graduated from Baylor with a degree in law.