Off-Duty Officer Shot and Killed In His Car by THUGS In North St. Louis


Authorities said an off-duty police officer was shot and killed in north St. Louis Friday afternoon.

The shooting occurred in the 3800 block of N. 25th Street at approximately 3:55 p.m. Police report that the police officer, described as a 28-year-old with nearly four years on the force, was inside his personal vehicle when he was shot multiple times in the lower extremities.

The officer was transported in his vehicle by another party to the hospital where he listed in critical, but stable condition.

An investigation revealed that at some point the officer’s vehicle was parallel with the suspect’s vehicle when shots were fired, striking the officer’s vehicle.

Police are unsure whether or not the officer was able to return fire. After the gunfire ended, the both vehicles left the scene.

Investigators have not been able to obtain a statement from the officer because of his condition.

Courtesy of KMOV

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