OFFENSIVE FOOD IN PUBLIC: Get Ready to Say Goodbye to This Favorite Food Because It Offends Muslims


(Conservative Tribune) New guidelines for shared office kitchens and break rooms put forward by interfaith group CoExist House argued that businesses should ban food that some religious employees may find “offensive,” according to Yahoo News.

Specifically, the group says that employees should consider the religious beliefs of their co-workers before bringing food items to work that contain pork, such as ham sandwiches, sausage or bacon.

The group also says alcoholic drinks shouldn’t be served at corporate events, because some religious employees of certain faiths may become upset by the presence of a beverage they are prohibited from drinking.

Andy Dinham, a professor of faith and public policy at Goldsmiths, University of London, was the lead author on the set of guidelines that will be distributed to employees at various businesses soon.

In an interview with the Sunday Times (subscription required) that was widely reported elsewhere, he said, “It would be good etiquette to avoid heating up foods that might be prohibited for people of other faiths,” meaning employees should be barred from using microwaves to heat their lunch if it contains “offensive” foods.

Just when it seems like the PC uber-tolerance culture has gone too far, they amaze us with further suggestions and demands that are the height of idiocy.

If a Muslim doesn’t want to eat pork products because it is against his faith, fine, more power to him … and more bacon for me.

Likewise, if said Muslim, or a devout Christian, is against the consumption of alcohol, again, no sweat. More for me to enjoy.

That said, just because one group doesn’t want to eat or drink certain items, that has no bearing on what other people may want to eat or drink, and if “offended” people can’t deal with a co-worker eating a ham sandwich for lunch, then they need to find a new area to eat their own lunch, or better yet, a new job.


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