Officer Executed During Paris Terror Attack Perfectly Illustrates the Hypocrisy of Terrorism


The police officer gunned down in the infamous video that surfaced yesterday of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris, wasn’t just another policeman.

Ahmed Merabet, 42, was in fact, also a Muslim. Merabet was patrolling the 11th arrondissement, home to the Charlie Hebdo offices, when Kalashnikov-wielding terrorists shot him multiple times, ultimately executing him on the street.

In his honor, the hashtag #JeSuisAhmed is trending on Twitter.1 2

The footage of the event graphically shows Merabet pleading for his life, until the terrorists fatally shot him on the sidewalk. Merabet was the first casualty in what has been described as the worst attack on French soil in 50 years.

Another police officer, Franck Brinsolaro, was also killed in the attack. He was serving as a bodyguard for Charlie Hebdo editor Stéphane Charbonnie. Brinsolaro, age 49, is survived by his wife and 1-year-old daughter.3

In the wake of the attack, Charlie Hebdo has made plans to publish its latest issue on Wednesday next week, sending a loud message that they will not be bullied by Islamic radicals.

The magazine is expected to publish one million copies, a much higher output compared to their usual circulation of 60,000 issues.

Refusing to be bullied by Islamic radicals, Charlie Hebdo is expected to fire back with more of its edgy, controversial material, such as this 2011 cover depicting lewd acts involving religious figures. (The lettering reads: ‘Love is Stronger than Hate.’)

"L'amour plus fort que la haine" - Image Credit: Twitter / Charlie Hebdo“L’amour plus fort que la haine” – Image Credit: Twitter / Charlie Hebdo

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