Officers REFUSE TO APPLAUD During Obama’s Race Lecture At Dallas Police Memorial (VIDEO)

Police who attended the Dallas memorial expected to honor the fallen – and instead got a lecture.

George W. Bush gave a fantastic speech, which was quickly soiled when Obama took the stage. We were lectured on gun control, police brutality, and Obama even took the liberty to mention himself 45 times in a speech about the police.

Naturally, they weren’t having it. The Gateway Pundit reports:

Barack Obama lectured the people of Dallas today at the memorial service for the five slain police officers by a racist Black Power activist.
police killed dallas black lives matter
The deceased officers were veterans and fathers: From top left clockwise, Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Lorne Ahrens and Michael J. Smith.

Obama went off on a history lecture of racism in America. He included mentions of Alton Sterling (twice) and Philando Castile (twice). He even mentioned poor black children in hoodies – a reference to Trayvon Martin.

At one point police officers refused to applaud his defense of Black Lives Matter.

When the camera panned on the police officers they were not applauding.

Hopefully Obama got the memo. This event wasn’t all about him – and quite frankly, those who refused to clap are sick of his divisive rhetoric that helped cause the tragedy in Dallas in the first place.

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