It’s Official! Trump Just Came Out And Made Huge Personal Announcement Liberals Are Going To HATE

Liberals are mad. No, actually liberals are pissed Trump won, and that he beat them at their own game flawlessly. However, since the win, he has been outsmarting them time after time after time and their deceit, lies, and all around lowlife dirtbag antics have not been able to stop him.

So they just keep getting angrier and angrier. Snowflakes.

Have you ever seen someone implode? We might at the rate liberals are pumping out their hatred…be able to witness that.

Now, they have gone off the deep end over some news that for them, broke the camel’s back. Trump just became our 45th president, and he’s going to be here for the next 4 years….and now, hopefully for the next 8.

He has officially registered to run in 2020. Sorry libs…game over.

Check this out…

This is right. Not only is Trump ‘planning’ on running for a second term, but he has already filed. Beautiful.

If you listen closely, you’ll probably be able to hear the triggering of liberals going on right now, heck, take a look around…and you might even catch one running for a safe place.

It appears President Trump wanted to get the filing done early, and submitted this needed paperwork on January 20, 2017. Are you glad we have a president who is just so stinking prepared? This means he is already working on his campaign as well…right? Awesome.

Of course this does not constitute a “formal” announcement of his candidacy, however what it does do is allow him to start fundraising early since he knows that this last election was HELL… so 2020 is going to be all-out war.

Maybe more of a fight than any of us could ever imagine.

Good for you President Trump for filing!

Of course…not all agree. Here’s a liberal meltdown you may have not seen yet. Poor fascists…they just can’t stand losing so much

These fascists are evil to the core. Here’s a Tweetstorm from @resisterhood giving her reasons as to why she thinks this is important.

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