Officials In London Just Raided Muslim’s Home And Made A Horrifying Discovery Inside

Officials In London Just Raided Muslim’s Home And Made A Horrifying Discovery Inside

Yesterday’s terrible terrorist attack in London reminded us all again how frightening the world. Just when we begin to think we are making headway in the fight against radical Islam, this happens. Even though the British-born jihadist died at the scene, the police are still searching for clues. British officials conducted a raid last night, and what they found was horrifying.

Police are still investigating the deadly attack in London that left 3 dead and 29 injured. Officials began to conduct raids last night and were able to arrest 8 people connected to this attack.

However, what is most disturbing is that the man that created this terror was known to the police already. Khalid Masood was no stranger to the police and was once investigated for extremism. That was confirmed when Prime Minister Theresa May, told MPs that Masood was known, but did not identify him. May also said that Masood was considered a “peripheral figure.”

Masood was known to MI5 after an investigation years ago.

Masood was born British and was living in the Birmingham area. Masood had a series of convictions for assault and other crimes but the police insist that there was no intelligence suggesting he was about to unleash a terror attack.

The police continued raiding homes late into the night and were able to arrest 8 suspects. What do these people know and how they are connected is anyone’s guess, but I hope they are brought to justice.

I am pleased that the police are working quickly to make sure they arrest all who are involved. However, it is quite disturbing that there are this many connected to this attack.

Masood was known and I am sure that the people that were arrested last night were known too. Masood was on MI5’s radar and why he was not continually watched is beyond me. I am sure that the British people will want to know why this man was not being investigated more thoroughly.

My heart goes out to the people in Britain, and I hope that they demand a more thorough investigation into this. They deserve to know how this man and these suspects were not caught sooner.

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