Officials Warn Holiday Terrorist Attack On Americans In MAJOR City


From Mad World: With the terror attacks on Paris and San Bernardino fresh in our minds, it seems that a great many Westerners are worried about future potential attacks – and rightfully so. As it turns out, officials have just stepped forward to warn of an impending terrorist attack targeting Americans in quite the major city.

With the left dangerously ignoring the threat that Islam poses on society, a great many Americans have been left not only worried, but downright frightened regarding what may come next. Unfortunately, it seems that government officials have most recently caught wind of a plot to target Americans and have spoken out to warn anyone in the city.

As the Associated Press (AP) reports, “The U.S. Embassy in Islamabad said it has received information on possible terrorist attacks in the Pakistani capital in late December, warning Americans to avoid busy public places during the Christmas and New Year holiday period.”

US Embassy Warns Of Possible Terror Attack In Pakistan

“Possible targets include places of worship and shopping centers,” the U.S. embassy went on to say in a statement. It is currently unclear where the information came from or how officials were alerted to the possible threat.

With many people being “unavailable” for comment, the AP states that they were able to get ahold of a Pakistani intelligence official who said there is merely a “general threat perception” rather than a specific threat.

With that in mind, the warning has urged any Americans in the area to “minimize the number and duration of trips” to crowded, public places including markets, restaurants, hotels and places of worship and other locations where “large numbers of people congregate.” Furthermore, government officials will be on restrictions regarding their movement during the upcoming weeks.

US Embassy Warns Of Possible Terror Attack In Pakistan

Obviously we’re hoping that nothing comes of this threat, but it only goes to prove that the dangers of Islam are lurking around every corner of the globe. So-called “extremists” of the religion seek our blood. It’s dangerous and irresponsible to simply ignore this out of some false sense of moral superiority.

Our enemy wants us dead. Should any more American blood be spilled at the hands of radical Muslims, the responsibility will fall directly at the feet of President Barack Obama and those who support his “tolerant” agenda. Like I’ve said before, I hope something like that does not come to be, but if it should, those responsible need to know that they aided those in the attack by turning the other way. Willful ignorance is going to end in people dying.


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