Officials Worried About the Rising Number of Muslim Terrorists Crossing the Border From Mexico

From Politistick

One aspect of the so-called immigration debate that goes virtually unmentioned in America is, perhaps, the single greatest reason to strengthen border security. Though our nation must commit to halting illegal immigration as a function of strengthening our economy and reinstating the rule of law in America, securing the border is important to seal the U.S. off from the invasion of terrorists who see our porous borders as welcoming opportunities to gain access to the U.S. without undergoing scrutiny from customs officials.

According to a letter sent by Rep. Duncan Hunter to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) several dozen Pakistani and Afghan men have recently been apprehended near San Diego as they entered the country from Tijuana, Mexico. Of these several dozen, two have verified ties to terrorist organizations.

Muhammad Azeem and Muktar Ahmad were both apprehended crossing into the country with U.S. cash.

Unfortunately, Azeem and Ahmad may just be the tip of the iceberg as customs officials have noticed a steep climb in the number of Arabs being apprehended in transit.

Since then, 3 more Afghans and 6 more Pakistanis have been caught. Though there appears to be a decline in the number of captures, officials claim that they believe that Arabs are now making a stronger effort to avoid detection. Prior to November, a common procedure for many non-Mexican nationals illegally entering the U.S. was to promptly surrender to Border Patrol who would then give the immigrants a date to appear in immigration court and release the invaders on their own recognizance. With scrutiny enhancing for non-Mexican entrants, such as Arabs, officials believe that immigrating Arabs are taking more caution to avoid detection. Read More


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