‘Oh dear mother, they are chanting Allahu Akbar!’ (WATCH)


ISIS is waging war against freedom, and Christians.  They are the modern day Nazi’s and yet no one will stand up to them! 

We are repeating history, and just watching it. Obama lacks the balls to lead the fight against his brethren.

He’s a coward elected by sheep who wanted free phones and handouts, and now he has cowering in the corner like a baby while the world crumbles.  

(DailyMail) This is the moment terrified Iraqis recorded a convoy coming towards their home – and realized it was ISIS.

The men secretly filmed as trucks and lorries bearing the Islamic State’s distinctive black flag arrived in a cloud of dust and smoke.

One of the frightened civilians can be heard saying: ‘Oh dear mother, they are chanting Allahu Akbar!’ as a truck carrying a group of militants swoops into view.

It is not yet known where exactly the footage was taken, but it was posted on LiveLeak by Kurdish-Girl91 with the incident believed to have happened yesterday, according to 9news.

The film starts with the vehicles appearing away in the distance as the occupants focus their camera on a cloud of dust.


A voice can be heard saying ‘Mohamed, turn off the lights for God’s sake’, before the cameraman replies, ‘They can’t see me!’.

The group then start to panic with the footage showing the ISIS extremists passing within metres of the property with one man saying: ‘Careful, this one is heading towards you.’

Another man then asks: ‘What is this, just tell me for God’s sake what is this?’ as a large lorry roars past and a truck transporting terrorists comes into view.

A frightened companion can be heard saying: ‘Oh dear mother, they are chanting Allahu-akbar.’

Moments later the screen goes black as the recorder is hastily turned off. 

According to 9News, Kurdish-Girl91 wrote: ‘God were on the civilians (sic) side this day. ISIS were meters away but did not notice anything.’  Read More

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