OH YES HE DID: Obama issues final THREAT to Trump!

Time and time again during his campaign, President Obama stated that he didn’t believe Donald Trump would be the next President. Not only that, he couldn’t even seem to picture what it would look like if Trump was President.

And to that I say: haha.

Still, despite being wrong about Trump throughout the entire course of his campaign, he isn’t going to keep quiet about him once he takes office. While George W. Bush was respectful and didn’t publicly criticize Obama (and you know he had a lot to criticize, considering how Obama undid all our progress in the war on terror), Obama won’t be doing the same.

As Allen West reported:

President Barack Obama will speak up against Donald Trump’s presidency when America’s “ideals” are at stake but will not insert himself into political battles, he said, in the clearest statement yet on how he will carry himself after leaving office.

Mr Obama was among Mr Trump’s sharpest critics during the campaign, portraying the Republican candidate as childish, selfish and dangerous, and even after the election stood by his claim that the president-elect is unfit to serve as commander-in-chief.

He said on Sunday night that he would balance those concerns with respect for “the office”, and the precedent set by the likes of George W Bush, who refrained from criticizing their successors.

Well, with an attitude like that, it’s only appropriate that the official mascot of the Democrat Party is a jackass.

On the other hand, if Obama criticizes Trump, we can pretty much take it as a sign that Trump is doing something right. Obama is the man who increased the national debt to over $20 trillion, oversaw the deterioration of race relations in the U.S., saw rates of poverty and government dependency soar to record heights, and withdrew from the Middle East, leading to a resurgence in the Taliban’s power and the rise of ISIS.

And that’s what he calls a success!

To be honest, when that’s what Obama considers a successful Presidency, we should be worried if he praises Trump.


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